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Dior Amber Diamond [Swatches & Comparisons]

March 24, 2013 4:18 pm · Posted by Sheshopsmakeup

Hi hi!! Happy Sunday!! 

While waiting for my Candy Crush "lives" to regenerate, I thought I shall spend my time more constructively by penning down a new post. Couple weeks back, I met up with Eliza for dinner to collect my TF Shade and Illuminate which she helped pick up during a previous Tangs 12% storewide discount. Of course, being beauty fanatics, we unconsciously trotted and found ourselves in Tangs Beauty Hall. Not entirely sure how it all happened, but I recalled so vividly when she exclaimed "How can you not have Dior Amber Diamond?! It's a MUST-HAVE!!" LOL!! I was so embarrassed!!! 

To make it worse, it was out of stock at Tangs so I could not "undo the aberration of not owning one". Then Eliza mentioned that there were rumours that Dior was going to discontinue the Amber Diamond. Naturally, being me and overly sensitive to words like "limited edition" and "discontinued", I immediately went to Dior counter at Isetan Parkway Parade the next day to pick one up. (It was the last piece! Phew!) Being a huge lover of the dewy glowy look, adding another highlighter to my stash was a no-brainer, especially a cult favorite.

The packaging is pretty standard. It's a deep royal blue. 

At first glance, it may look just like any other shimmer brick on the market. It's got 5 shades which you can either use individually to highlight different parts of your face or swirl all 5 colors together to highlight the high points of your face. 

The quality of the powder was better than it looked in the pan. Not sure why, it somehow looks like slightly coarse and chalky in the pan but when swatched, it just feels surprisingly soft and buttery. Of course, don't expect the same kind of buttery texture found in matte eyeshadows. Given that there are fine shimmers in this product, I would say it is very beautifully and finely milled. 

The left most shade is very similar to NARS Albatross which is one of my favorite highlighters of all times. It's great for highlighting the nose and inner corner of the eyes. I like how every shade in the pan has a different undertone - gold, champagne, pink and peach. When blended, it gives a beautiful bronze gold glow.

I've picked out 3 other highlighters in my stash that are somewhat similar to the Dior Amber Diamond - Bobbi Brown Shimer Brick in Bronze, MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in Redhead and MAC Mineralised Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle.

Personally, I like the Dior Amber Diamond over all the other 3 shown here because (1)it has the right golden bronze color which complements my skintone and (2)each individual shade in the pan can be used in more than one ways.

The Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick wears too bronze and slightly orangey. Redhead leans slightly towards a pink undertone which is probably very similar to Dior Rose Diamond. It is difficult to wear a highlight with pink undertone unless you have a fair complexion - NC25 and below. Finally, Soft and Gentle is probably the closest in color comparison to the Dior Amber Diamond. However, Soft and Gentle has slightly larger shimmers so it is better used at night than an everyday highlighter. 

Bottomline, the Dior Amber Diamond is perfect for everday use. It has the right amount of shimmer and color without leaving you looking like a greaseball. I have heard comments about people with lighter complexion finding it difficult to wear this color. My view would be to swipe your brush against the entire pan 3 times but perhaps only touching the first 3 colors on the left on your last swipe. This way, you will pick up less bronze on your brush and the color that will transfer onto your face would be slightly more golden-champagne as opposed to golden bronze. 

My favorite way to using this is with my Hakuhodo brush.

Here are some LOTD snaps with me wearing the Dior Amber Diamond. Don't you just love the dewyness it gives? 

What's your favorite highlighter?

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WOOOOTS HELLO GORGEOUS! :D <3 <3 Glad you trusted me & got it. HEHE


Okay, I am sold. Enough said!

posted by

WOW. First lemming this year...

posted by Anna Katharina

You look GORGEOUS. Flawless skin, flawless application, WOW. And though I would've normally gotten the pink version of this, I'm more sold on Amber Diamond after reading your review. Great job!

posted by

Whoaaaa, I don't reach for my highlighters all that often now but even then this entry has got me lemming for this!

posted by

@eliza Yes!! Thank you so much because I love it!!
@Sophia - definitely must buy!! hehe
@madlynny - Yay!! Quick get it before it's oos and discontinued.
@anna - Thanks love!! It's a gorgeous shade :)
@sara - hehe yay!!!!

posted by Melovecheetos

Amber Diamond looks beautiful on you................ WHY must cosmetic brands always discontinue their best stuff?!??
I've gotta know - how did you get such soft-looking yet defined brows in these pics? =) Did you have to bleach them?..

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