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Burberry Bronzer, Blush and Eyeliner Review

December 10, 2012 1:33 am · Posted by Sheshopsmakeup

Hi there!! 

For the longest time, I have been layering powder blush over cream blush in a bid for longer staying blush. For some bizarre reason, most blushes on their own don't adhere well to my face and tend to become blotchy or disintegrated after about 4-5 hours of wear. Thus, the cream base really helps!

However, recently I have been in love with a new blush and bronzer combo using Burberry Sheer Summer Glow and Light Glow blush. Here's a video review of my thoughts on the products.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/7nBTaa55zFM" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe>

First of all, the packaging is really luxurious. It comes in a solid magnetic metal case that snaps together without having a ledge, which in my opinion is fantastic and super chic! As with all high-end cosmetics, the blushes also come with a velvety pouch to protect it's beautiful packaging. 

The Sheer Summer Glow was one item which I yearned for when it first hit the shelves. It comes with 4 quads of colors which you can use individually as highlight, contour and blush or swirl them all together to create a beautiful subtle bronzy glow to brighten up your face. I like swirling all colors together and using a big fluffy brush to add color and light to my face. 

The colors are so subtle and beautiful you can wear this out on it's own without any blush and it will still provide a fresh face look. Of course, as the name suggests.. it's a summer glow, which means there are some speckles of shimmer but they are so finely milled that it serves to add a healthy glow without the shimmers being visible to the naked eye. 

When I first swatched this blush, I thought it might be too pale for my NC30 skin but turns out, it actually leaves a very natural flush on the apples of the cheeks. And the most wonderful characteristic of this blush.... it's staying power! It does not budge one bit! My cheeks look the same at 8pm as it was at 8am without any touch-ups. (I never touch up my make-up anyway so this is a real plus point!).

Yup, this eyeliner looks very much like a color pencil! There are eyeliners just like that out there, but for a luxury brand like Burberry, I was somewhat disappointed at the packaging and the quality of this pencil. First of all, it is pigmented, don't get me wrong, but it is way too dry and tends to require some dragging on the eyelids before the color would transfer onto the eyelids. 

When used on the waterline, it was even more horrible. The eyeliner disappears after just 2-3 hours. Literally disappear! I would give this a miss.

I really love the sheer summer glow and blush and would definitely be on the lookout for more Burberry cosmetics ;)

What other Burberry products have you tried and loved?
posted by Leileigirl

I was watching your videos and couldn't help noticing the slow transformation of your accent from slight American to a bit more local. Are you Filipina?

posted by

@Leileigirl Hi there, my accent's probably a mish mash of everything because i spent a number of years in the UK studying and working. And nope not pinoy, am pure chinese.. but my mom thinks that my great grandparent's might have not been all chinese ;)

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